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There are so many wonderful
websites dedicated to Middle Eastern dance!
Here are just a few favorites we have found, listed by category:

InformationCostumes & JewelryMusicBeautiful PicturesJust for funSnakes!

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Kahaz Productions: Kahaz presents excellent annual Labor Day workshops in Bangor. This year (summer 2003) she has engaged Amaya of New Mexico to teach.

Dance names from the Middle Eastern Dance Resource Guide can be found here. Pick one that suits you!

has a history of Oriental Dance, and all sorts of other fascinating and useful  information. A wonderful site!

Alizah has a great page with information about Middle Eastern dance in New England, with listings of events, teachers, classes, and dance venues at restaurants and clubs.

Yasmina features in-depth music reviews, lots of information, and monthly "Spotlights" of dancers and troupes.

The Gilded Serpent is an online magazine for Middle Eastern dance with great articles, many written by illustrious dancers from the sixties and seventies. It is loads of fun to read about their escapades!

has a page all about belly dancing for older women!

Henna Page tells you everything you always wanted to know about mehndi (henna tattoos).


Costumes & Jewelry:

Isis and The Star Dancers have a site with jewelry, beautiful costumes, and troupe information and pictures.

Artemis Imports is a great catalog of Middle Eastern Dance supplies, including music.

Chandra's is another online catalog with jewelry, costumes, etc.

Dhyanis has a gorgeous collection of "Goddesswear". 

Gold River Costumes is just fun to look at. They produce Victorian and Renaissance costumes and belly-dancing jewelry.

Turquoise International has handmade zils, halfway-affordable beaded fringe, and Madame Abla costumes.




Beautiful Pictures:

The Belly Dance Gallery is a great site filled with pics, pics, and more pics of dancers. It's a great place to get costume ideas, and it also features a beautiful set of wedding pics (of a belly dancer's wedding, of course!)

Tatiana is a German belly dancer whose website contains a gallery of her drawings of Midle Eastern dancers. Many of the sketches have wonderful and unique costuming ideas, and they all have a sweet aura to them. 


Just For Fun:

Omphalo-stepses is lots of fun! "Shanmonster's"  site has a historical bellydancing/cheesecake gallery and a hilarious page of animated dancers ("Dance, Dancers, Dance"). The personal accounts of her performances are pretty chuckle-worthy too!

Desert of Maine:
If you thought "Desert Dancers" was an odd sort of name for a dance troupe from Maine, think again! We have a bona fide desert just north of Freeport. See for yourself!





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Please Visit Our New Website at:   www.aaminahdance.com