Dear Lorien,
    It was really great to talk to you, really great.  I got the forward on
the bellygram-thank you!  Here are the changes for the site:
1.  Class schedules:  All classes are on Mondays at the Thomas School of
Dance, 6 State Street, Bangor.  Beginners: 7-8pm (3rd floor) taught by
Miraya, Intermediate: 6:30-7:30pm (first floor) taught by Mira, and Advanced
8-9pm (3rd floor).  Classes are $40 for 8 weeks.  First class is free for
newcomers!   Feel free to format this info any way you like.  Julie wants us
to get our bio info as instructors on the web at some point, so think about a
space for that and let me know if that is do-able.

2.  Our official name is now "*Aaminah Desert Dancers"  *Women of Peace and

3.  Lou George is our only drummer now.  I don't know if I have a solo photo
of him or not, but we can take one at the photo shoot, which will by the way
is Sat, March 2, at 9:30am at Salibas.  I think I told you I had a digital
camara- oops!  I meant a digital vcr- so you have your camara and Julie has a
digital one, so Joel said he would love to take the group shots so everyone
is in it, and then you can take some solo shots for those new to the Company
who need them for the website.

4.  Upcoming info:  Spring Gala! Friday and Saturday, May 3rd and 4th at 7pm
at the Union Street Brick Church, corner of Main and Union Street, Bangor
Maine.  "Village Dancers"- Follow the common thread of Middle Eastern Dance
through the 21st Century!  Gourmet Middle Eastern Hors-d'oeuvres provided by
Montes International Catering, Cash bar, an elegant evening of Middle Eastern
food, music, and dance.  $15 per person, festival seating, reservations
suggested.  Once again, feel free to format this as you wish.

I just checked out the site to see what I missed- If it is too hard to redo
all of the formatting concerning our name change, perhaps you can mention
that elsewhere.  I don't want you to have to go through a huge change if it's
hard to do after all of the work that you have done.  I need to find my
pictures of the Hudson Museum gig and the Greek Ball so that you can talk
about them.  Thanks again for doing this Lorien.  You truely have a
gift!!!!!!!!!  Hope to see you this coming Monday?  LOve, Miraya

The DESERT DANCERS Proudly Present 

Elizabeth “ARTEMIS” Mourat 

in a daylong workshop in Bangor, ME on September 2, 2000
The five-hour workshop will be followed by a Hafli and an evening performance featuring Artemis, The Desert Dancers, and guests!

 Those paying by August 11 will recieve a discounted price of $65. Tickets at the door will be $75.  
Vendors welcome! 
For more information and to request reservations 
and accomodation info, please call or email:
Kahaz (Kitty) 
(207) 848-2850
  RR 3 Box 632 Wing Rd Bangor, ME 04401


Click here for more details about Artemis' workshop!


Upcoming events:  August 6th- Maine Festival for the Arts, Brunswick, Maine in conjunction with Josie Conte and Baraka Enemble.  1pm with Josie, 2:30 pm by ourselves  October 2lst:  Friends of the Hudson Museum are hosting a fundraiser for an photographic exhibit of Turkish artisanship that will include a Turkish Meal and performance of Turkish Dance by the DD.  $15 per person; contact Gretchen Faulkner @ 581-1904 

On May 13th, the Desert Dancers will present
"Scheherazade and Other Fantasies"
An Evening of Middle Eastern Dance, Cuisine, and Music
at the Chateau Ballroom * Norumbega Hall
73 Central Street, Bangor, Maine.

The show features solo and group performances by
Desert Dancers 
Josie Conte 
and Baraka!

of Portland 

Admission is $ 15 .
 Advance reservations are suggested!
The price includes a fantastic show with live music by 
Baraka! Ensemble,
as well as Middle Eastern hors d'oeuvres by 

Montes International Catering
A cash bar will also be available.

The doors open on Saturday, May 13, 2000 
at 7 PM at the Chateau Ballroom, 
73 Central Street, downtown Bangor.
The show begins at 8 PM and ends at 11 PM.

May 13th:
Middle Eastern Dance Seminar

Josie Conte
in Bangor.

"The Silken Veil"

This promises to be an exciting workshop! 
The theme will be veilwork, so bring your veil and your zills.
Click here for a detailed description of the workshop,
the schedule, and details about accommodations.

The workshop fee is $ 40.
Please pre-register with Miraya.