Middle Eastern Dance Seminar with
in Bangor on September 2, 2000

Artemis is a world-reknowned dancer, teacher, and performer 
of Middle Eastern Dance, specializing in the Turkish style- both Turkish Orientale and Turkish Rom. She has lived overseas, researching both history and dance, and has spent many years studying the Turkish Rom. She works to preserve their culture by teaching their dance to others. She is a respected scholar and her works have appeared in many publications including Jareeda and Habibi

"A superb researcher and historian as well as a lovely oriental dancer" - Delilah 

"A treasureóa teacher, writer and dancer who truly reaches out to the heart and soul." - Refika 

For more information on
Artemis, try serpentine.org

 The  five-hour workshop with Artemis takes place in Bangor, ME on Saturday, September 2 between 9 AM and 3 PM with an hour off for lunch.  Registration will begin at 8 AM. 

The workshop will include floor, zill and veil work. Artemis suggests bringing either leg warmers or something to kneel on if you are not used to floor work. If you do not have zills, there will be both loaners and some for sale available.

There will be vendors! And I will make sure that there 
is ample browsing time available.

There will be an evening show,
included in the cost of the workshop, featuring Artemis and The Desert Dancers as well as guests. The show is scheduled for 7 PM Saturday night. Anyone participating in the workshop is also invited to bring a costume and dance! Please let me know when you register if you wish to dance, how long a piece, some general idea 
(3-5 minutes; veil, sword, etc.) and what piece of music you want to use
. Those paying by August 11 will recieve a discounted price of $65 for the workshop/show. Tickets will also be available at the door for $75. 
Tickets for just the show can be purchased by the general public for $10.

Local accomodations: at this point the best two rates are 
$59.95 at the Odlin Rd. Holiday Inn (207 947-0101) and 
$62 at the Bangor Motor Inn at the Mall (207 947-0355). 
Since this is Labor Day weekend, I suggest calling soon and mentioning The Desert Dancers. If you let me know where you are staying, Iíll get a map with directions to the workshop to you.

 Vendors welcome! 
For more information and to request reservations 
and accomodation info, please call or email: 

Kahaz (Kitty) (207)848-2850 
 RR 3 Box 632 Wing Rd Bangor, ME 04401 
or mugwert@earthlink.net

 Make checks payable to: 
Kitty (Kahaz) Tambling 
(207) 848-2850 
RR 3 Box 632 Wind Rd Bangor, ME 04401 



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