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Josie is a classically trained dancer with a B.A. in Dance from S.U.N.Y. Brockport. She has trained and performed in concert and cabaret settings in N.Y.C., with venues including TA DA!, Lincoln Center, Riverside Church, and St. John the Divine, and with inspirational teachers and companies that include Elena Lentini, Dunya, Serena Dance Theatre, Ramzi El Edlibi Dance Theatre, and the S.I.T.I. Company summer residency, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Josie now lives in Portland, where she has performed with the Perennial Effects Dance Collective, in Oak Street Theatre productions, and Dance Portland. She is the Artistic Director of Baraka! Ensemble. 

Baraka! Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble
Performing Belly Dance in the Spirit of Ancient Times

Influenced by Near Eastern traditions, Baraka! weaves together the dynamic rhythms of the Gypsy with the hand-clapping enthusiasm of Egyptian folk styles and the mysterious gracefulness of the silken veils to create a tapestry of excitement for audiences of all ages. Performing in Maine since 1993, they include appearances in the Maine Arts' productions of the Maine Festival and New Year's Portland, the Children's Museum of Maine, in concert, and in the public school system.
Under the artistic direction of Josie Conte,
Baraka! is available for concerts, workshops, and lecture demonstrations.

"... the dancers will create an atmosphere of mystery and beauty (on a stage transformed into an exotic realm), where the female body becomes an example of power and pride..."
                                                          -Maine Times, 1996

"... Josie has a special gift of dance and magic to create the moment and seduce us to their realms..."  
                                                    -Morrwenna Assaf, Shimmy Chronicles

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