Photo by Edward H. Maxsimic

Mira's words:                                           Pictures of Mira in action!

"Middle Eastern dance has taught me that you don't have to be a ballerina to be a dancer... that your body can be your friend... and that aging is simply a gift of wisdom from Above.
I've been dancing since I was a baby, on stage and off, thanks to my wonderful mother.  She taught me that to dance is to walk with God, and I still believe that."

How other dancers experience Mira: 

"When I watch her dance, she transforms her whole body into a beautiful goddess.  It's as though she loses herself completely in the dance. When you watch her you also lose yourself in the beauty and spirit of the dance. It is a phenomenal experience!"

"No one shimmies like Mira!"

"Mira seems to dance effortlessly, the movements just flowing out of her body. Beautiful!"



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