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You are always welcome to join our 
classes on Monday evenings at the 
Thomas School of Dance, 
6 State Street in Bangor. 

Beginners: 7 until 8 PM with Miraya
Intermediate: 6:30-7:30 PM with Mira 
Advanced (troupe) 8 until 9 PM 

The first evening is
free - just observe or participate to get a sense of the group and the movements with no pressure!  
The fee is $40 for 8 weeks. There is no starting date, so you can 
drop in to visit us or to  join us whenever it is convenient for you.

Contact Miraya for details about 
visiting or signing up for a class 
by email:
or by telephone:  (207)-989-4093

Click here for a description of the classes!

Statue ("Schleiertanz", 1890) by Raoul Larche 

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Please Visit Our New Website at: