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The Dancers: Anais, March 2001

Although every dance has meant something special to me, belly dancing is like the dance of the soul. With little effort you become one with the dance. It is fluid, relaxing, spiritual, soothing, energizing and much more. I feel as though a part of me has been born that I never knew existed. It speaks to me in a very spiritual way, it somehow completes my being, and I feel at peace when I'm dancing." 

Anais began dancing with a dance troupe at the age of 19, studying Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Spanish. She has danced and sung in performances such as Pineapple Paul, Earth Beat, Show Boat, Cinderella, The Swan Princess, The Toymaker Ballet, and dozens of others. In her mid twenties, she began a love affair with Ballroom Dancing. She and her dance partner have participated in elementary school programs, performed in exhibitions in Maine and New Hampshire, as well as being featured on a national dance instruction video. The one dance she always wanted to try was Belly Dance.  Finally, quite by accident, she discovered the Desert Dancers, and again fell in love with yet another dance.

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